Powerful Transition Strategies for Any Age


adulthood comes too soon for a child with invisible disabilities. 


Most special education programs follow a government-mandated "transition process" to prepare him or her for life after school. But simply checking off boxes will not guarantee your child a meaningful adult life.

Does your child have the right roadmap to reach his or her peak?

As a partner with your family, I go beyond PROCESS to help you achieve RESULTS. Together we will empower your child to identify the future s/he actually wants and develop the skills to make that future possible.

- Jean Roberts Guequierre, Founder & Lead Transition Catalyst


Our approach is:

person centered

 strengths based

FUture focused


Alpha Transitions believes that transitions happen smoothly when the transitioning person and their future are at the center of the process. We value connection and collaboration with a supportive community and teach our clients how to leverage available resources to pursue a career they are suited to that meets their interests.

Ours is not a deficit based, medical model of explaining or remediating what the person cannot do. The entire process develops around your child's stated goals (which are fluid and may change) and gives them a say in what their future will look like.

Instead of checking boxes, we create a customized map for your child's life and career.


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The transition process for those with invisible disabilities is difficult to navigate. I am an independent transition catalyst for schools and families whose children are capable of creating a future for themselves.

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A person-centered, strengths-based transition plan will help your child step confidently into adult life. Learn more about my approach and what is included in my strategic, individualized and results-oriented transition planning services.

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Let me help you find the peace of mind that come from getting answers and creating a partnership that puts your child and their transition planning on a path to the peak.